Household Air Cooler-JH163


JH163 is the newest and smallest one in JH air cooler. The small size is easy to move which is suitable for small room cooling. JH advantages 1. Braked caster, Infrared remote control, open type water distributor 2. Computer PC board, LED controller shows the working state 3. Filter the air by pre-dust filters and cooling pads 4. Auto swing,Wide-angle air outlet 5. The temperature display by temperature sensor 6. Health negative ionizer 7. Water pump protection function against low water level Parameter
Model: JH163 evaporative air conditioner
Airflow: 1600m3/h
Power: 80W
Cover area: 15-20m2
Net weight: 8.4kg
Fan type: Centrifugal
Water tank: 12L
Noise: ≤50dB(A)
Water consumption: 1-2L/H
Dimension: 310*434*878mm