Infrared Radiant Heater- JH-NR-14B Series


1. No light: far infrared ray is not visible, will not affect rest at night 2. No noise: through radiant to warming, no need to use fan motor, no noise pollution 3. Good physical therapy: radiation wavelength controls in 4-14 micron, health cares for human body. Rather than heating the air - like traditional convection heating- infrared physically heats the fabric of the room and the human body. We naturally absorb and emit infrared heat, it is a vital healthy heat. The process is 100% energy efficient, delivering significant energy savings. Infrared heaters spread their heat more evenly and are much more effective since they don’t require liquid-gas containers that must be replaced regularly. They also emit no smells and no noise, because they operate with electricity Unique advantages of JH heater 1、High Electricity-heat efficiency, the electric energy transformed 99% to heat; 2、Surface temperature reaches 350 degree, can effective radiation distance for 3 meters 3、Fashion design, perfect match room decoration 4、slim and compact structure, easy installation 5、using the aluminum heat sink plate, heat faster and evenly 6、covered by NANO painting, increase the serve life to 50 thousands hours. 7、The infrared heat is emitted from the panel almost instantly 8、Safe and reliable,current leakage is less than 0.029ma ( the national standard is less than 0.5ma) 9、adjustable thermostat, Power on/off freely, more energy-saying