Saving 78% of annual electricity costs, after installed 20 units of JHCOOL evaporative air cooler


Company:Fujian Allied Power En Tech Co., Ltd.           Contact Person:Mr. Xu (Vise president)

Our workshop area: 2000 square meters. Before install the JH air cooler, we were using the traditional Ammonia refrigeration air conditioner, the electricity cost were beyond ¥ 15,0000 per year, in 2013 year, through the introduction to know the JH air cooler are good reputation and installed by many friends’ factory. It have many advantages: Energy saving, environmental protection, cooling and dust removal, so I visited their factories to feel it, I am impressed by the cooling effect, so I contacted with JHCOOL company and ask them to inspect my factory and offer a project solution, after installed 20 units 18000m3/h airflow JH air cooler, the cooling effect in our factory are similar as we used the air conditioner, the cost of air cooler are competitive. After one year, I am happy to know our electricity cost have been saved by 78%.